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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Routes online/offline interactions based on agent availability, skill level, priority, and other criteria the business sets. 

Universal Queue

Agents are able to handle all interaction types with a universal desktop through a single routing engine. 

Quality Monitoring

Search and playback all recorded interactions. Quality monitoring enables evaluations and quality monitoring activities to be simplified.


Using the ACD queue, the system intelligently routes e-mail messages to an available or most qualified agent to respond to query.

Live Chat

Real-time online assistance where agents can also proactively reach out to customers while managing multiple chats. 

CRM Integration

Integrate your existing CRM system with GV Cloud CX and create an omnichannel contact center where agents have a 360-degree view of the customers across all channels and touchpoints. 

Skill Based Routing (SBR)

SBR uses the customer’s requested language and skills to determine the expertise required to handle the interaction and to deliver that customer to the agent who is best equipped.

Screen Pop

Agents have full capability to extract available customer data as required during interactions. 

Voice Recording 

Record calls to access or evaluate at a later time to ensure quality standards are upheld. Pause recording also available.

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Historical Reports 

Report on historical call center performance metrics, and access data through highly visual dashboards.

Click To Call

Allows customers to request a phone number to dial in to customer service by a single click on the button.


Agents to access their voicemail using hard/soft-phone to dial their voicemail box.

Auto Dialer

Deliver important information through an automated message or connect a customer to a live agent once the call has been answered.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Use touch-tone signaling or voice recognition to automate the retrieval and processing of caller information. Configure the IVR to improve the identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to qualified agents.


Provides inbound voice call functionality. 

Role Definitions

Agents are categorized based on their assigned roles. Each assigned role determines the level of task each agent is able to perform


Agent Interface
Toggle on queue/off queue status, receive and work with multiple interactions. All routed by the ACD.

Work Group Creation 

Group users with similar traits.  Agents added to a workgroup are responsible to handle the interaction types associated such as voice, e-mail and livechat. 

Supervisor Console

Supervisors have tools to modify behavior for the supported channels, add and delete queue members and wrap-up codes, and modify ACD settings.

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