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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Fostering Meaningful Connections Through An Enhanced Customer Experience

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Complement your Contact Center Solution with CRM

Beyond listening to feedback and providing help through multiple communication channels, assessing and monitoring these interactions are just as vital. 

CRM solutions are able to pinpoint and monitor call traffic in real-time, allowing flexibility and responsiveness to customer/business needs.

Benefits of CRM for Your Business

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Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual processes and fact-checking.

customer experience solutions

Agent Evaluation

Keep track of high performers and agents who require extra training

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Strategic Planning

Call monitoring allows managers to devise strategies that retain clients and augment sales.

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Case Escalation

Managers can step in and aid agents in calls that exceed the threshold limit. 

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Holistic Visibility

Full understanding of customer satisfaction, agent productivity, etc. All on one dashboard.

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Integrate With Other Software

Combining and integrating various telephony technologies creates a functional and robust contact center. 

What Gold Vois Offers

Gold Vois partners with Claritas, a Malaysian-based CRM solutions provider.

Claritas' Contact Center Solution (CCS), gives businesses an easy-to-use CRM solution that delivers consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty. CCS is built to suit the needs of various business demands.

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Real-Time Call

The solution provides real-time statistics on inbound and outbound calls. This real-time data allows team lead to gauge the efficiency of their team and establish baseline performance numbers


Computer Telephone Integration (CTI)

Build and deploy world-class contact center through integration with leading technologies, providing you with a completely integrated system. 


Knowledge Base Databank

Information, cases and history are all easily accessed through a single user interface. 

Market Analysis


Improve resource performance and retention by providing unprecedented 360° visibility into business processes and agent productivity.

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By Exception

Instantaneously zoom into calls, allowing agents to spend more time concentrating and monitoring calls that exceed the threshold limit. 


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