Genesys Rapid Response FAQ

What is the scope of the capabilities in Genesys Cloud for free for 60 days that we will deploy within 48 hours?

  • 60-day production offer
  • Telephony stand-up
  • Inbound IVR and ACD routing
  • IVR Callback
  • Standard email option
  • ACD Interaction recording (voice and digital)
  • Agent & Supervisor eLearning
  • Go-live enablement – Proactive first 48 hours for success, then the 7-day Post Go-Live Concierge service to assist user adoption
  • Customer is responsible for carrier charges
  • Customer telephony charges not included
  • 20-seat minimum
  • Up to $5,000 setup fee

What are additional assumptions that are part of the scope of the 48-hour no-cost deployment?

  • IVR (DTMF-based, up to 3 levels deep)
  • Up to 2 call flows 1 recording policy set
  • 1 email queue (out-of-the-box email integration)
  • Go-live in 48 hours from contract signature
  • Deployment of a single Genesys Cloud org
  • Genesys Cloud Voice or BYOC Prem (Virtual Edges) – Carrier call costs borne by the customer
  • Telephony architecture to be agreed with customer prior to contract signature
  • Genesys Cloud Network Readiness Assessment to be coordinated with customer prior to contract signature
Customer responsibilities
  • Standard SOW to be accepted by customer. Additional scope or modifications can be added for a fee. Supply voice prompts (TTS will be used where prompts not available).
  • Completion of discovery questionnaire within the first 24 hours – customer needs to be engaged (compelling event) for this to occur without delays to the 48 hours
  • Home users require a reliable internet connection

Is there a minimum or maximum seat count for this offer?

For new customers, there is a minimum seat count of 20 unless the customer is a non-profit organization, then it can be reduced to 10. There is no maximum, but we will be monitoring seats and we encourage common sense and discussion with a manager if the seat count is >100.

Is this offering available to all cloud customers, direct and indirect?


Do customers need to have an existing subscription with Genesys or can they be M2M?

For those who are not yet Genesys customers with no contract with Genesys, they can leverage the Rapid Response COVID-19 offer specific to new customers.

What is not included in this offer? What expenses should customers expect?

The Genesys Cloud subscription services are included. Telco costs are customer responsibilities as well as third-party items such as phones, or third-party software (e.g., AppFoundry).

Is this option available through partners?

Yes. All the choices we are offering to our customers as part of our rapid response offers are available through partners. Note that Genesys is responsible to review and confirm that the offer is for an existing customer that is current on its maintenance and in good standing.

How do I order this free 60-day Genesys Cloud option?

Please contact your sales representative at Gold Vois for a quotation.

What specific training is included with this offer?

eLearning and self-paced courses -

Overview of Genesys Cloud

The course provides an overview to the Genesys Cloud interface and expands your understanding of the administration of a contact center.

• Target Audience: System Administrators, Contact Center Managers, and Supervisors. The course is also useful for anyone else who needs to learn the basic functionality of Genesys Cloud Contact Center.
• Duration: About 1 hour

Introduction to Genesys Cloud for Agents: The Basics

As an agent, Genesys Cloud makes taking interactions easy and intuitive. In this course, we'll cover everything an agent needs to know to be successful. The Basics module dives into things like logging in and setting up a phone, basic navigation of the interface, managing presence and status, and queue availability.

• Target Audience: Agents
• Duration: About 15 minutes

Introduction to Genesys Cloud: Working Together

Genesys Cloud is an easy and intuitive suite of cloud services for communication, collaboration, and customer experience management. This course shows you how using the directory and Agent Assistance help allow you to effectively interact and easily find assistance. It includes the following topics: Using the Directory and Agent Assistance.

• Target Audience: Agents, Supervisors, and Contact Center Managers
• Duration: About 10 minutes

Introduction to Genesys Cloud: Analytics

Designed to cover the basics of data and analytics, this course will get you started with how to use a supervisor dashboard and view agent performance.

• Target Audience: Supervisors and Contact Center Managers
• Duration: About 10 minutes

Virtual Recorded Sessions for more in-depth content
Using Genesys Cloud

Presented through several recorded sessions showcasing lecture and demo content, Beyond instructors will walk you through the Genesys Cloud environment, introduce terminology, and talk about the fundamental concepts of the platform.

• Target Audience: Agents, System Administrators, Contact Center Managers, and Supervisors
• Duration: About 2 hours per topic

To access the on-demand training, request an account on Genesys Beyond and you will receive your login credentials within 24 hours. Sign up here:

Will there be Community help?

Resources will be available to answer non-emergency questions posted in the Genesys Cloud Community forum. A team will be dedicated to getting the answers you need, while also connecting with other Genesys Cloud customers. The Community also helps connecting you to other helpful resources such as Genesys Knowledge Network and Genesys Cloud Resource Center.

If a customer is operating the Genesys Cloud rapid response offer and decides to expand the scope (add digital channels or Workforce Engagement capabilities), do they then need to pay for these additional Genesys Cloud capabilities?

Yes. If new capabilities are added beyond the scope of the Genesys Rapid Response offer, then standard fees would apply.

When we say, “standard terms apply,” can you provide more clarity on what that means for the customer? Are they bound to a 1-year contract if they accept the free Rapid Response Genesys Cloud offer?

There’s no requirement in our “standard terms” for a 1-year contract. “Standard terms apply” simply refers to our standard Genesys Cloud terms found at

Post free service period, if the customer wants to stay on the scope of Genesys Cloud that is provisioned as a part of Genesys Rapid Response, what is the price and what does the offer look like?

If the customer is using the rapid response scope and wants to continue with that scope after the free offer expires (60 days), then they can contract the same scope at the published Genesys Cloud 1 rate for a committed contract monthly or yearly. (If COVID-19 extends past the period, Genesys will consider options to extend.)

Note: If customer is using features beyond the Business Continuity offer or elects to upgrade to a different bundle during or after the free period (Genesys Cloud 2 or Genesys Cloud 3), the appropriate bundle price will apply at that time.

If a customer wants to keep the Genesys Cloud Rapid Response option sitting idle in case they need it for business continuity – what do they pay?

They pay the minimum commitment of 20 seats of Genesys Cloud 1 (10-seat minimum for non-profits).

For the Rapid Response defined scope of capabilities and services, are we indicating that there is a “freeze” period where the customer should use the current offer before expanding the scope through additional services or AppFoundry partners?

Professional Services will deploy in 48 hours and provide on-going support to day 10. Customer should wait until they are stable and user adoption is good before adding complexity to the deployment.

Can customers leverage PureBridge and cloud migration offers as a conversion offer if they want to convert into a paying customer?


Can customers leverage the PureBridge offer for any legacy PBX infrastructure upon expiration of the free offer of Genesys Rapid Response?


What is the CSM role in the onboarding and post go-live support for customers?

Genesys Professional Services and Customer Success (CARE) provide a 7-day post implementation concierge support to ensure that customers are able to effectively use their new Genesys Cloud software.

What happens at the end of the trial period for new customers COVID-19 Rapid Response offer and existing customer COVID-19 Rapid Response trial offer?

The customer has options. They can cancel with no strings attached, convert to a paid subscription via migration package (e.g., PureBridge) or as a new logo. During the trial period, once the customer is deployed, they will be working with their Sales rep at Gold Vois to ensure they have what they need to get through these challenging times as well as discuss options for next steps. Remember the primary goal is to ensure the customer can navigate these challenging times.

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