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Looking to improve your First Call Resolution (FCR)? Genesys has the solution for you.

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Your contact center is the first touchpoint for a customer. FCR is when a customer calls in to resolve problems or questions without a follow-up required, and it is imperative in our competitive landscape today. Studies also empirically supports that FCR is a key KPI of a contact center operations.

According to research from Service Quality Measurement Group (SQM), the first call resolution KPI is the king of all call center metrics because it helps reduce operating costs, improves employee and customer satisfaction and increases selling opportunities. The SQM research also supports that:

• Every one percent improvement in FCR drives a one percent improvement in customer satisfaction.

• Customers whose issues are resolved are 10 times more likely to remain customers than those with unresolved issues

• Cross-sell and up-sell success rates are 20 percent higher on calls when the customer’s issue is resolved

Yet there are many challenges to consider when it comes to improving your FCR, ranging from siloed systems, static and limited long queue based routing, agents not empowered with sufficient customer information to resolve the customer problems and inadequate training for agents.


Genesys omnichannel customer experience solution gives you interoperability of both the customer’s interaction history and back-office data. This gives you the opportunity to intelligently route enquiries to agents with the appropriate service skills who have full visibility into the what, when, where, who and how, to eliminate customer repeat calls. Genesys smart routing ensures that the customer calls are forwarded to the agent with the right skills and knowledge to resolve issues on the spot.

Genesys routing is unique in its ability to orchestrate the customer experience with insight into customer activity across all channels. By tying together each customer’s journey in real time, routing can drive an engagement decision across any channel and share the context of that journey with the resource handling the work to seamlessly continue the conversation. Genesys routing efficiently matches each customer in the moment of need to the right resource at the right time while ensuring SLAs are met across all channels

If you are looking to achieve an exceptional customer experience with improved first contact resolution, you’ve come to the right place. Genesys is a game changer to deliver superior customer journeys and allows agents to be equip with the ability to handle calls on a First Contact basis.

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