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Avoiding Over-Exposure in Healthcare Cybersecurity

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As the healthcare sector continues to shift towards a value-based care model – driving lower patient costs and higher accountability among providers – most facilities are looking for the right tools and technology to make it happen. With innovations in care delivery arriving on the market daily and opening the door to better treatment, productivity, and communication within medical facilities, it’s difficult to not be hopeful about a bright new future.

But for all the potential of emerging technology within the healthcare sector, facilities cannot lose sight of the continuing effort to secure resources, ensure privacy, and avoid network overexposure. With intuitive solutions from WatchGuard, healthcare quality and equipment can continue to evolve – securely.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Vulnerable IoMT devices connect to a huge range of sensors and monitors, making them entry points to larger hospital networks. Both patient and staff IoT devices require access to consistent, reliable Wi-Fi, but it’s paramount that access be safe as well. WatchGuard cloud-managed access points have built-in Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) to ensure protection, extending and enhancing our security to wireless IoT devices.

The healthcare industry has emerged as a popular target for ransomware extortion largely because the stakes are so high. With an urgent need to restore service for patients, hospitals are more likely to pay criminals to reinstate critical systems. These attacks prove that enterprise-grade, layered security is a necessity for every organization. Malware can evade legacy AV, which is why services like intrusion prevention, sandboxing, and detection and response are so critical: no single solution is going to provide 100% coverage.


Enabling treatment of patients at any distance using telecommunications technology, telemedicine drives more flexible office hours, fewer patients in waiting rooms, and less patient non-compliance with treatment plans. However, as with all digital communication, telemedicine carries considerable privacy concerns, as it produces a sea of sensitive data that must be secured. WatchGuard’s Firebox UTM solutions feature drag-and-drop VPN creation, securing the path from patient to EMR by encrypting data communications.

Compliance and Accreditation

Failure to meet compliance standards ranges in considerable fines, to say nothing of the costly loss of credibility and potential revocation of medical licenses. Regulatory compliance standards can be achieved leveraging network visibility tools that offer the ability to set alerts and automated reports on security events that are relevant to compliance standards, including data leakage, malware, and unauthorized user access.

Employee Errors

In the rush of a busy medical facility, even well-trained staff will share passwords or click a phishing link. So, you’ll want technical safeguards that reduce the danger from weak or stolen credentials. Our AuthPoint service provides strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) on an easy-to-manage Cloud platform with a friendly mobile app.

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